In all my life I’ve never been able to say I enjoy going to the dentist. The front of my mouth was pretty cool, but the back looked like a bag of rusted nickels. Doc came in and hooked me up, first showed me detailed pictures my problems and less than 2 hours later I was walking out with a new smile. Professional staff, extremely clean office this place was definitely God sent otherwise my mouth would still look like the gold rush of 49. Already have my third visit scheduled I’m all smiles walking in and walking out.
– Miles E.

They were very friendly people with my little ones. The doctors are quite efficient doing their teeth cleaning and exam. Price is also acceptable.
– Caddie J.

I was afraid of going to dentists, especially after a really bad experience with Western Dental, but Doctor Chae made me feel at ease.

He broke down everything in regards to my dental health and explained thoroughly his process to taking action on teeth that he will work on. He is very knowledgeable and will not try to take advantage of you. I know this will be my dentist forever and I’m happy that I found such a kind, generous individual as my dentist.

This is one of the best dentists in Southern California, and he will prove it to you.
– Chris L.

Dr. Chae was so incredibly thorough and helpful when it came to explaining and showing me proof of all my cavities and teeth problems.

He took a picture of every one of my problem areas, made sure to clean and fix them thoroughly, and really took the time to double check all corners completely to avoid missing any spots. The whole process of getting rid of my old fillings, targeting the cavities, and replacing them with new fillings was handled very quickly and painlessly! The before and after photos he showed me were amazing.

It was the most eye-opening and pain-free dental experience I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to get checked up here because I thought my teeth were doing fine until Dr. Chae revealed to me all the nooks and crannies of large, hidden cavities and even more smaller ones that would have definitely gotten worse over time.

Thank you DB Dental Group and Dr. Chae!!
– Rachel K.